Fleas & TicksWe carry Advantage, Frontline Top Spot Plus, Revolution, Promeris, Comfortis and Capstar. We can help you solve your flea and tick problems! We also carry Knockout house treatment which kills adult fleas and controls RC – infestation for 7 months.

Did you know?

Ticks are most prevalent in the spring, when the weather is cool and wet. Ticks usually appear in April (Mushroom season) and taper off by July. Ticks are usually picked up in the tall grass & woods. Ticks may also be seen in the Fall with (deerticks) the onset of cooler weather.

Fleas prefer hot, dry weather. We will usually see a few fleas in June and July, but they usually don’t really become a problem until August. By the time you notice fleas on your pet, you have a flea problem. For every flea you see on your pet, there are 95 baby fleas hiding in your carpet, furniture, and yard. In order to effectively treat fleas, you will need to target the entire life cycle of the flea, not just the adult fleas.