• CD&T 3-way Clostridial
  • 8-way Clostridial can be used, but has been linked to reactions and abortions.
    CD&T 2cc at 1 week and 1 month of age, 3cc at 2 months, and annually (subcutaneously)

    Other vaccinations where problems exist:

    • 8-way Clostridial (backleg)
    • Leptospirosis (abortions)
    • Rabies


    Camelids are very efficient in food utilization, and obesity is a big problem.
    Diet should be centered on high quality hay or forage (grass or grass/alfalfa mix). Forage should comprise 85-90% of diet. Vitamins and minerals in supplements may still need to be provided. A diet low in fiber contributes to causing stomach ulcers.

    Grain supplementation should be considered for pregnant and lactating animals, or those that need a higher plain of nutrition.

    Group your animals according to their body conditions and nutritional needs, and feed accordingly.
    Know your animals, and watch for any sign that something is different.

    Parasite control:

    Check fecals at least twice yearly.

    Quarantine new arrivals:

    • Ideally 30 days
    • A minimum of 72 hours after worming