Llamas & AlpacasIt is becoming more common to see llamas and alpacas as you drive through the country. More and more people are becoming owners to these delightful creatures. However, before you buy or adopt one, it is important that you are able to care for them properly.

When the vet comes to visit your llama or alpaca, you need to have the following items ready:

  • A chute (the simpler, the better)
  • Halter and lead rope
  • Your animal caught and ready to go
  • Good (bright) lighting, so your animal can be seen easily

If your animal is sick or getting a checkup:

  • Inform the vet how long the current problem has been going on.
  • Tell what you have done to treat the problem, if anything.
  • Tell the vet any previous problems you have had on your farm and/or with this individual.
  • Have the animal’s vaccination and worming history on hand.
  • Inform the vet of any other things that might be relevant, such as a new feed shipment, new animals on the farm, the animal’s breeding dates, etc.